The organizers of the ECMGA are Shyama Rajendran and Carla Maria Thomas, descriptions of whom you can find below.

Shyama Rajendran is a PhD student at The George Washington University. She was born in India, grew up in the Philippines, and came to the United States for college. She has lived in Philadelphia and New York, and now resides in D.C. Dealing with her own identity politics and her own relationship with language has led her to her current work on theorizing multilingualism and translation in the works of John Gower. She considers what Gower’s work can offer to contemporary understandings of multilingualism and translation. In her spare time, she obsesses over pop culture and politics, and watches far too many TV shows.

Carla María Thomas will be a Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellow in her final year (2015-2016) of the PhD program in English at New York University. She works on the long twelfth century, particularly on the Early Middle English texts that arise in the latter half of the century. Her dissertation, entitled Finding Redemption in Early Medieval English Literature, focuses on the OrmulumPoema Morale, and their manuscripts (well, the Ormulum has only the one). In her spare time, she has also begun a Twitter project translating the Ormulum, which makes her translation the only one currently available. Once a full homily is tweeted, she edits the translation and posts it to her blog. In her spare time, she stresses about the job market but nullifies that stress by killing things with magic on her PS3.


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